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Abuse Survivor Completes Journey Through the Furnace

UPPER MARLBORO, Maryland – July 21, 2012 – In her new release “Journey Through the Furnace…God is There,” Sharron Dansby shares her personal story of childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and incest comparing her afflictions to a “furnace”.   She reveals how her experiences led to an early life of inferior feelings and self-destructive decisions. On her journey through the furnace she learned the power of forgiveness which led to her healing.

“Shh! It’s a secret. There are many secrets that destroy lives, and childhood sexual abuse is one of them” said Sharron Dansby.  “When no crime is reported the perpetrator goes unpunished and makes more victims.” That was evident in 2011 when Pennsylvania State University’s assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was indicted on 52 counts of child molestation dating back to 1994.

“The long term effects of physical and sexual abuse make it not only an individual problem but a societal one as well” says Sharron Dansby. She tells how being abused impacted her life and marital relationship as well as how it affected her family. Not dealing with the issue just allowed abuse to continue to another generation. Her faith and courage to break the silence led to the path of victory for herself and others. Her personal story of triumph is the backdrop of her riveting book “Journey Through the Furnace…God is There”.

As a senior financial manager, Sharron Dansby mentored many women in pursuit of their professional careers and coached others in their personal growth. She facilitated discipleship classes, orchestrated women’s seminars, and is a motivational speaker. The author is also the founder of Maximizing God’s Woman, Inc, a non-profit organization borne from her passion to help women in their healing process, to restore broken relationships, and to press forward and achieve their designed destiny. To purchase the book and find out more, please visit


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