About the Book

Journey Through the Furnace….God is There!

by: Sharron Dansby

   “Shh!! It’s a secret.” So I was told.

There are many secrets that damage lives, and childhood sexual abuse is one of them.

In her book “Journey Through the Furnace…God is There,” Sharron walks her readers through her life comparing tragedies and afflictions experienced to that of a metal going through a furnace to be purified and malleable. She reveals how childhood sexual abuse caused her to feel inferior and make decisions which led to a defeated lifestyle.

Her thrilling account of trauma to triumph is uplifting and captivating as Sharron tells the story of innocence shattered by sexual abuse. Sharron later experiences the ultimate betrayal from the love of her life. She succumbs to negative feelings and damaging behavior until she is confronted with a situation which ultimately leads to healing and teaches her the power of forgiveness.

Sharron’s discovery that it was never her destiny to live as a victim inspires others while on their journey to pursue healing and move from victim to survivor to over comer, to accept help from family and friends when the furnace is the “hottest,” and to be courageous and break the cycle of sexual abuse for future generations. Her journey of hurts and hope, pain and pleasure, fear and freedom are relative to everyone’s life. Her thought-provoking insight in “Whispers for Your Journey” closes out each chapter and flows smoothly into the next.

This incredible saga will keep you on the edge of your seat and glued to its pages from beginning to end. This book will move you to tears. Yet its message is filled with hope.

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